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Books and booklets by Swami Veda Bharati

  • Introducing Mahabharata Bhishma
  • Mantra & Meditation
  • Meditation & the Art of Dying
  • Philosophy of Hatha Yoga
  • God
  • Superconscious Meditation
  • The Light of Ten Thousand Suns
  • Education & Parenting for Peace
  • Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Vol.I
  • Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Vol II
  • Yogi in the lab
  • Sayings
  • Mantra-the Sacred Chants
  • Meditation-the Art & Science
  • Wanam-Africa and India
  • Night Birds
  • Words Curved
  • Swami
  • What is Right with the World?
  • Sadhana in Applied Spirituality


  • The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation
  • Beginning Meditation
  • Mantra: What and Why
  • Mantra: after Initiation
  • Daily Schedule of a Sadhaka
  • Special Mantras
  • Five Pillars of Sadhana
  • Silence
  • Contemplative Walking
  • An Introduction to Shri Vidya
  • Yoga: Polity, Economy and Family
  • My Meditation Hut
  • The Perennial in the Millennium
  • Unifying Stream of Religions
  • What is a pilgrim?
  • Divine Mother
  • Meditation: the unifying streams in religion
  • Practice of Breath Awareness: Meditation in different traditions
  • Peace, Poverty, Planet: One aspect, one face
  • Smry-Upa-sthana and Sati-Patthana Bauddha or Patanjala?
  • Contemplative Identification Meditation and Communication
  • Thousand Names of Kundalini
  • Meditation for Pain Management
  • Song of Yoga
  • Yajna
  • What is Shrividya? An elementary introduction
  • Shiva Sankalpa Sutra
  • Supplement to Wanam




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Yoga: Polity, Economy and Family

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