Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

Love, Serve, Remember

Swami Veda

Born in a Sanskrit speaking family in 1933. Taught the Yogasutras of Patanjali to classes from 1942, at the age of 9.

In 1946 a number of articles appeared in the Hindi press proclaiming this child prodigy’s exceptional knowledge of the Vedas. He then began to  be invited to address crowds of thousands as well as colleges and universities throughout North India.

From February 1947 he has been traveling worldwide giving discourses, establishing meditation centres,

Has recorded 4000 hours of lectures on history, philosophy and practices of meditation,

has written 18 books including a 1500 page commentary on the first two padas of the Yoga-sutras which is proclaimed by scholars as a highly scholarly and meticulous work.

Between 1965 and 1967 he also obtained all his degrees : B.A. (Honours) London, M.A.(London), D.Litt.(Holland), and is F.R.A.S.

He has varying degrees of access to 17 languages.

In 1969 he met his yoga guru Swami Rama of  Himalayas (author of Living with Himalayan Masters) who initiated him into the highest path of dhyana-yoga.

He teaches meditation from within the religious, spiritual and literary traditions of different world cultures from China to Africa to different parts of Europe. In each culture he teaches meditation from within that culture, for example in Italy he teaches Dante’s Il Paradiso as a text of the experience of divine light in meditation, is visited by masters of the Sufi orders and has 45 hours of recordings of lectures on Christian traditions of meditation.

He has also been engaged in neurological research in meditation and maintains a sophisticated laboratory in his Ashram for testing brain waves and other neuro-physiological patterns during meditation.

He runs over 50 meditation groups and centres in 25 countries;

Holds the prestigious title of Mahamandaleshwara in the community of the  Swami Order of monks;

is spiritual guide to two Ashrams in Rishikesh where seekers from 25 countries come to learn meditation and undergo varying periods of guided silence.

He also maintains keen interest in the relationship of science and meditation, runs a research laboratory at his Ashram measuring the psycho-neuro-physiological responses to the different practices of meditation.

In that context, he has been the subject of several experiments in the neurology of Meditation in institutions like the Institute of Noetic Sciences, California;  in a unique experiment, sitting outside a Faraday Chamber, he blocked the photon beams in an interferometer, which was inside the chamber, nine times in a row, proving the power of the volition of consciousness over material energies. The results of this experiment have been published in the scientific press.

He also spends much of his time travelling worldwide, guiding, lecturing and participating in relevant conferences and giving guidance to 60 meditation groups on all continents.


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