Swami Rama Books

Books By Swami Rama

  • A Practical Guide to Holistic Health
  • Book of Wisdom
  • Choosing A Path
  • Conscious Living
  • Creative Use of Emotions
  • Let the Bud of Life Bloom
  • Life Here & Hereafter
  • Living With the Himalayan Master
  • Love and family Life
  • Love Whispers
  • Meditation & Its Practice
  • Om-the Eternal Witness
  • Path of Fire and Light Vol (I)
  • Path of Fire and Light Vol (II)
  • Perennial Psychology of Bhagavad Gita
  • Sadhana
  • Sacred Journey
  • Science of Breath
  • Spirituality Transformation Within & Without
  • The Art of Joyful Living
  • The Royal Path
  • The Theory & Practice of Meditation
  • Wisdom of Ancient Sages
  • Yoga the Sacred Science (Vol.1)

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