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Meditation Research Institute

The Meditation Research Institute aims to understand the psycho-neuro-physiology correlates of consciousness and especially brain dynamics during meditation.
We believe that through the interaction of meditation and science, a thorough understanding of consciousness will emerge.

The main goals of our research program are to document the different meditation techniques of the Himalayan traditions as currently taught by Swami Veda Bharati and to better understand meditation by studying different traditions and techniques through advanced neurophysiologic technology and methodology, which include a BioSemi 64 + 8 channel EEG device, psychophysiological sensors and softwares, and a sound-reduced, partially electrically-shielded meditation room for the controlled acquisition of the data.

We are part of an international research project started by Dr. Arnaud Delorme from the University Paul Sabatier, France and Dr. Rael Cahn from the University of California San Diego and Irvine, U.S.A., to compare attention and
affective states of advanced meditators from Hindu (Himalayan Tradition and Isha Foundation) and Buddhist (Vipassana Goenkar) traditions.

Previous studies by Cahn and Delorme suggest that Vipassana meditators have decreased automated reactivity to irrelevant attention-demanding stimuli and higher levels of occipital gamma activations than non-meditators, and that shifts between attention and mind wandering can be effectively detected through careful EEG reading and analysis.

We expect to find significant differences in attention’s engagement to auditory and visual stimuli among the different traditions studied.

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