Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

Love, Serve, Remember

Aims and Mission

•    To make available the knowledge and teachings of Swami Rama and the Himalayan Tradition.

•    To liberate ourselves as well as others and to demonstrate pure Spirituality and Love.

•    To ensure continuity, evolution, and sustainability of the Himalayan Tradition.

•    To teach Yoga within the context of “all religion” and no religion at all.

•    we share with our freinds in the path to worship in the temple of ones body and self.

•    Our trained teachers systematically impart all aspects of yoga relating to body, breath, mind and individual soul.

•    Awareness within and without is the key, and the methods of expansion are carefully introduced to the students and visitors.

•    In addition to the physical aspects of Yoga we specialize in the practice of breath awareness, relaxation and meditation

•    The Research Laboratory at our ashram records and researches the psycho - neuro-physiology beneficial effects of meditation: with rigorous degrees of scientific methodology.

•    All our members in 25 countries in all continents are a single family.

•    We abstain from all political involvment.

•    Our and teachings place great importance of the practice of non-violence with mind, action and speech.

•    We also specialize in guided practice of silence for varying lengths of time.

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