Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

Love, Serve, Remember



Institute of Meditation and Interfaith Studies – 3 to 5 years

“…the goal is to produce graduates who excel in both scholarship

and the practical disciplines.”

This programme is our primary effort.  Its purpose is to prepare people to speak to different cultures and guide them in meditation in its totality, in the context of all cultures.  It envisions personal spiritual experience to be the foundation of education in all academic areas. Hence the goal is to produce graduates who excel in both scholarship and the practical disciplines.

Ancient texts and their languages are taught not merely as works of philosophical theory; they are explained in the light of the spiritual experiences from which they have originated. They are taught so that students who are being led through those levels of spiritual experience may understand. At the same time, students develop scholarly understanding of a text by accessing it through the language in which it was written—Sanskrit, for example.

Students: This program is suitable for persons who are interested in long-term intense study while carrying out spiritual practices given by the spiritual preceptor.  Students commit to a 3 to 5 year (up to10 year) of study and training on campus.

Study and Practice Schedule: The class schedule includes daily classes in Sanskrit, hatha yoga and texts, such as the Yoga Sutras.  Other courses in areas of philosophy, yoga psychology, Ayurveda, religions and yoga anatomy are taught at intervals throughout the year.

In addition to coursework, students have practices in inner awareness, chant, self-purification and individualized practice.  The physical aspects of yoga are taught in their meditational context—having meditation as the true experience.  Karma yoga or service to the ashram is a regular part of the programme.

The daily routine runs from 6:00a.m. to 10:00p.m.  Classes are held six days a week.

The academic term is from September through May with a summer break from July 1 to September 1.  Students may stay in residence during the summer.

Faculty: Full and part-time faculty members are international, holding the highest academic qualifications and are scientifically trained.  They have integrated the profound teaching of meditation with their academic and scientific learning.  Most faculty members are in residence one to two months each year. Swami Veda lectures daily when in residence.

Prerequisites: English language is the medium of communication, so it is highly recommended that prospective students prepare themselves prior to enrollment.  Academic prerequisite is a minimum of a high school diploma although most enrollees already have a college degree.

Accommodations: Students live in congenial, modern double-occupancy rooms.  Close by are the classroom building with library and dining hall complex.


Interested? If you are interested in this program, please write to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for application and student visa information.  Ideally the admission process starts at least three months in advance of the fall term. New students are admitted for the fall term. Admission is based on the discretion of the spiritual preceptor.

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